Why Cranium?
  • Highly experienced faculty-enjoyable learning experience
  • Well organized schedule
  • Better understanding of the subject
  • Guidance & Tests
  • Regular interaction with parents
  • Concept based teaching
  • Receive personal attention from experienced lecturers
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Our Programs
Our program includes everything your child needs for improving grades!
  • Tutoring with same set of tutors
  • Comprehensive assessment and goal setting
  • Use the same text book
  • Homework help, chapter reviews
  • Personal educational counselors
  • Flexible timings
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Our Faculty
  • Believe in the saying: "Help others to succeed.
    It makes you successful"
  • Are passionate about their subject.
  • Has lot of enthusiasm to learn new things.
  • Maintain very high teaching standards.
  • Has the ability to blend with the students.
  • Has immense dynamism combined with impressive skills and effective teaching methods.
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Welcome to Cranium Tuitions
Cranium Tuitions is one of the leading institutes in Hyderabad, India.
Since our inception in 2008, we have been a pioneer in supplemental
education, providing quality, affordable instruction to students. We
have tutored more than 1000 students and continue to serve.

Our tutoring has been rapidly gaining popularity due to its ease of use, cost effectiveness and the unique ability to tutor when a student needs help and is ready to learn. Our unique teaching process enables students and teachers to transform the traditional classroom into a “one to one” environment, thereby achieving the maximum result from the time spent. Our methods, tips and tools will help to reduce exam anxiety, and math and science phobia, while improving clarity and understanding, which foster educational growth.
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