About us
Cranium Tuitions is one of the leading institutes in Hyderabad, India.
Since our inception in 2008, we have been a pioneer in supplemental
education, providing quality, affordable instruction to students. We
have tutored more than 1000 students and continue to serve.

Our tutoring has been rapidly gaining popularity due to its ease of use, cost effectiveness and the unique ability to tutor when a student needs help and is ready to learn. Our unique teaching process enables students and teachers to transform the traditional classroom into a “one to one” environment, thereby achieving the maximum result from the time spent. Our methods, tips and tools will help to reduce exam anxiety, and math and science phobia, while improving clarity and understanding, which foster educational growth.

At Cranium Tuitions, all of our teachers are well qualified and thoroughly experienced in their particular discipline. They have undergone intensive screening process followed by extensive training to equip them with the skills and tools necessary to foster a student’s confidence in the subject.

Any student can benefit from the Cranium Tuitions programs, regardless of their prior understanding or abilities. Students with higher test scores will naturally increase their chance of getting into the school/college of their choice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. An educational counselor will be happy to provide complete information. You can reach us at 0091-9652745202

Our Motto:

Our Vision
To create youthful workforce with acute mathematical skills

The surveys conducted by various authorized agencies have shown that the world requires, youthful workforce with acute mathematical skills. Keeping this in mind "CRANIUM TUITIONS" was initiated by the powerful combination of math teachers Mrs.Suguna, Mrs.Rachna, Ms.Lakshmi and Mrs.Sirisha.
Our Mission
Cranium’s mission is to provide quality education for the present and future generation of students, who are creative, able, and innovative in their thinking. It is a center for excellence in education.
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